A New beginning

In a digital age where the music industry seems to be becoming increasingly formulaic, Still World is a band that is taking strides to break this mold. Utilizing the tools of heavy music, Still World is able to communicate messages of social apathy, environmental awareness and human mortality through their hard-hitting rhythm section, insightful lyricism and soaring vocal melodies. 

Formed in late 2017, guitarist Dan Vallejo began writing music with vocalist Scott Kelly in an effort to create honest music that has the ability to change hearts and minds. In the months that followed the pair began working with guitarist Jake Carbonara and drummer Jensen Cameron to bring the lineup to what it is today. Currently based in Chicago but with members hailing from places as widespread as Washington D.C and Ireland, Still World is able to bring a particular worldview to their content and message that is not easy to come by.

Still World's debuted their first song, "Dark Days" on August 31st 2018. The track unleashes hard hitting rhythms and soaring vocal melodies, creating an atmosphere perfectly realized in the new music video, directed and produced by Jake Gissler. The band's first  EP, "A New Beginning", is due for release on October 26th 2018 and is not to be missed.

Dark Days is about our tendency as humans to choose apathy over empathy. The goal of the song was to shine light on the pain we cause when we do this. While the song definitely has a darker tone it also reminds us that hope can be found in unlikely places.”

— Still World