We are Still World.

Still World is a metal-core band from Chicago, Illinois. The band strives to provide an outlet for listeners to get through challenges as a society and individuals. The band looks for inspiration in the world and translates that into music that conveys emotion and defies the norm. Using metal music as the platform, the band touches upon mental health, calling out injustice, social apathy, environmental awareness, and human morality. These topics are conveyed through hard-hitting rhythmic sections, insightful lyricism, and soaring vocal melodies.

In late 2017, guitarist Daniel Vallejo began writing music with vocalist Scott Kelly in an effort to create honest music that has the ability to change hearts and minds. The months that followed, the pair began working with guitarist Jake Carbonara and drummer Jensen Cameron to bring the lineup to what it is today.

Still World’s first debut single and music video titled “Dark Days” was released on August 31, 2018, began their course as a band. The song speaks on political injustice and calls out political leaders for their dishonesty. After gaining momentum from the single, the 6-song E.P. titled “A New Beginning” released on October 26, 2018. The band supported this release by opening up for notable acts such as The Plot In You, Like Moths To Flames, Dayseeker, Crystal Lake, and Secrets.

In late 2019, the band began writing a follow up E.P. which carved the way into the band’s unique sound. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Still World was forced to finish writing and recording remotely. The challenges they faced were unexpected. However, the band released two singles “Solace” and “Fault Line” on May 29, 2020. Following this, the band released their second 5-song E.P. titled “Dark Matter” on July 31, 2020 and released a music video for the track “Disease.”

Today, the group is based out of Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado; with members originally from the Chicagoland area, Washington D.C. and Ireland. Still World is able to bring a particular worldview to their music, content, and message that is not easy to come by.

Meet The Band

Scott Kelly - Vocals

Scott is originally based out of Ireland and later moved to the U.S. He is the manager of the band who books our shows, creates ideas for social media content, and cooks us really good vegan food. He went to school for Music Business at Columbia College in Chicago.

Dan Vallejo - Guitar/Vocals

Dan is the audio engineer of the band. He records, mixes, and masters all of our songs. He went to college for Sound Design at Columbia College in Chicago.

Jake Carbonara - Guitar/Vocals

Jake is the creative vision behind the band. He films and edits our music videos, designs our merch, and creates most of our social media content. He went to school for Marketing at Purdue University.

Jensen Cameron - Drums

Jensen is originally based out of Washington, D.C. and moved around to multiple states throughout his upbringing. He is our drummer and meme provider.